Entanglement Institute (ei) is accelerating quantum information sciences

Through the development of an "open source" quantum computing community and the development of an "agnostic" quantum computing framework. ei provides access to the world's most advanced quantum and alternative computers. Scientists, researchers, programmers and businesses will make the impossible possible.

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ei’s mission

ei is a private, public, partnership and critical infrastructure facility designed to accelerate quantum computing and quantum information science. ei is building the world’s most advanced quantum computing research facility which will bring online cutting edge quantum computers. Our facility offers an “agnostic” environment built for the benefit of researchers, programmers, strategic partners and quantum companies. 


Quantum framework

Interoperability among various quantum processors is a critical component to realizing the full potential that quantum computing promises. ei is creating an open-source quantum framework which connects specified programs to the desired quantum processor. We believe this approach will not just benefit researchers by enabling various methods to be simultaneously accessible, but it will accelerate quantum computing and quantum applications.

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning

ei is partnering with leading universities and researchers who specialize in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics research. Today, predicting markets, diagnosing diseases, developing new materials, understanding cyber-threats, and modeling simulations are all linear parallel processes. Quantum computing is changing the way we do things.

Applicable area’s of research

Our mission is to facilitate quantum research across many sectors including: cybersecurity, financial & insurance, biology & medicine/neurosciences, national security & defense, space exploration, energy & critical infrastructure, environment & ecology, agriculture, oceanography, resiliency, and more.

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